VECTRA International

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Pledge


At VECTRA International, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are critical to creating a workplace that is respectful, supportive, and productive for all employees. We are committed to creating a culture that values differences and promotes a sense of belonging for everyone. To that end, we pledge to:

  • Foster a culture of respect and inclusivity:

    We will create a workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment, and bias, and where everyone feels valued and supported.

  • Recruit and retain a diverse workforce:

    We will actively seek out and hire employees from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and we will take steps to retain them by creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

  • Provide training and education:

    We will provide ongoing training and education to all employees on DEI topics, including unconscious bias, and cultural competence.

  • Review and update policies:

    We will regularly review our policies and practices to ensure they promote DEI and eliminate any unintentional biases or barriers.

  • Foster an inclusive workplace culture:

    We will foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, and where diversity is celebrated and encouraged.

  • Partner with diverse suppliers and vendors:

    We will seek out and partner with diverse suppliers and vendors to support the growth and development of diverse businesses.

  • Measure progress:

    We will regularly measure and track our progress on DEI goals, and make adjustments as needed to continue to improve.

We recognize that achieving DEI is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuously learning and improving. By making this pledge, we are committing to creating a workplace that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that is welcoming and supportive of all employees.